Thursday 01 October 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Enterprise Software Market Trends and Forecasts 2020

Available for download now: Enterprise Software Market Trends & Forecasts 2020

Report coverThe report contains TechMarketView’s latest market size and forecast data covering 2019 to 2023, plus an analysis of the trends shaping the UK Enterprise Software sector including the impact of COVID-19 on buy and supply-side dynamics .

At 4%, growth during 2019 was a little better than previously expected but that was before COVID-19 hit. 2020 and 2021 are expected to bear the brunt of the impact before the sector begins its multi-year climb back towards pre-pandemic levels. However, software is in a less invidious position than other segments of the economy because much of it is so intrinsic to business operations. The situation is accelerating initiatives to digitally transform and software is a beneficiary.  Software was also behind organisations’ initial rapid responses to COVID-19 and will play a key role through the recovery phases.

The software sector is not immune to the effects of coronavirus however, and based on developing trends, software suppliers will have to place their bets carefully to make progress in a market where Digital Chaos is making organisations ask tougher questions about quick returns and quantifiable contributions to business outcomes.

TechMarketView subscribers can download the report here. It is the companion report to Enterprise Software Supplier Rankings 2020 – click here for this download.

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