Friday 23 October 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Financial Markets Transformation "The Big Bang That Nobody Heard"

FMTThe technology-led changes that revolutionised the UK financial markets sector in the 1980's have strong parallels with the transformation that is currently underway. Despite today's period of change not being characterised by a single dramatic “switch-on”, it is one that may prove to be just as significant for the future of the sector.

Once again regulation is a key driver and wafer-thin margins have helped fuel the adoption of new, technology-driven approaches as firms seek greater efficiency and cost control, coupled with a focus on the customer.

TechMarketView clients that subscribe to FinancialServicesViews can learn more by downloading Financial Markets Transformation “The Big Bang That Nobody Heard.  This report explores the factors driving change and examines the disruptive impact of digital technologies on established processes. The report also takes a look at a varied selection of the specialist SITS vendors active in the financial markets sector.

If you do not already have access to this report and would like to learn more, please contact Deb Seth.

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