Thursday 09 February 2023

*NEW RESEARCH* Cybersecurity Predictions 2023

2023As we begin 2023 the market remains in a state of uncertainty, with job cuts, inflation, the war in Ukraine and the threat of cyberattack still ever-present. Companies are now re-evaluating their IT spending priorities including their investment in cybersecurity.

TechMarketView believes productivity will be a key driver across the UK SITS market this year, but for cybersecurity pro-activity is perhaps just as important. Cyber attacks continue to evolve, and whilst phishing attacks remain the most prominent, we have seen increasingly sophisticated ransomware and data exfiltration take place throughout the past year. Only organisations who are prepared for a range of possible cyber threats will be in the best position to mitigate the effects of any attacks.

In this Cybersecurity Predictions 2023 report we explore just a few of our predictions for the UK market in the year ahead. Subscribers to all TechMarketView research streams can read the full report here. If you are not currently a subscriber, please contact Deb Seth at for further details on how to gain access.

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