Wednesday 15 February 2023

*UKHotViewsExtra* The Chase is on as JPMC's UK push gains pace

Chase logoJust over two years since US financial services giant, JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) went public with its plans for a major push into the UK retail banking space, the project appears to be going extremely well (from a customer acquisition standpoint at least). Unlike the established major bank brands in the UK, rather than having its cosy monopoly disrupted by technology-based newcomers JPMC was early to embrace the once-in-a-generation technology shift that is occurring and has itself already emerged as an eminently tech-savvy disruptor.

TechMarketView clients can learn more by downloading The Chase is on as JPMC's UK push gains pace. This UKHotViews Extra discusses the impact that the Chase digital bank is having on the competitive landscape of UK retail banking and considers what the future holds for this newcomer and its rivals.

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Posted by Jon C Davies at '07:00' - Tagged: banking