Tuesday 15 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH*: Digital progress, the Accenture way

LogoThe challenge of understanding the pace of digital transformation is something all suppliers are facing up to, from the largest to the smallest. Dealing with the overall level of disruption it brings is one thing, but the situation is made more difficult because of the need to handle major disruption within the supplier organisation and throughout the customer base, simultaneously.

The latest research note from the ESASViews stream examines movements within the digital transformation area, looking at how the digital appetite is growing and service approaches are adapting, viewed through the lens of Accenture. For Accenture it includes surfing the waves of disruption internally through a dedicated division that needs to make waves within the business as well as within customer’s operations, and championing the ‘minimum viable solution’ approach.

The Digital Transition, Supplier Progress: Accenture research note is part of a series of reports evaluating supplier approaches and providing a lens onto digital transformation progress in the enterprise market.

If you subscribe to ESASViews you can download the latest installment here if not you can contact Deb Seth for subscription details.

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