Thursday 31 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* Machine learning in Analytics: grasping disruption

GraphicMachine learning as part of the analytics portfolio has hit the topical chatter list in a major way. It has also become a focus for start ups, PE and VC investments, and the object of a growing number of acquisitions. Suppliers of all types are rushing to show off their credentials.

As part of the predictive analytics ecosystem, its rise to prominence is driven by the recognition that better, faster insight into data is necessary to optimise a host of business operations from customer engagement and supply chain optimisation, through to risk management. It is increasingly viewed as a way to gain a competitive edge as businesses become more digital and more data driven.

The latest research from ESASViews explores this complex area in a series of research notes. Part 1, “Machine Learning in Analytics: Grasping its Disruptive Force”, addresses the basics: definition, components, challenges, market positioning, identifies some of the emerging providers and explores why machine learning is one of the waves of disruption suppliers need to surf.  Keep you eyes peeled for Part 2, when we will look at the up and coming suppliers and the analyse the impact on suppliers.

Eligible subscribers can download the report here. Alternatively, you can contact Deb Seth to find about accessing ESASViews and our other research streams. 

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