Wednesday 06 April 2016

TechMarketView's Predictions for 2016: networking, cloud and security

surfBetter late than never! But just as the waves of disruption never subside nor do TechMarketView’s predictions for the fundamental changes taking place in networking, cloud and security markets in 2016 and what they mean for suppliers.

Demand for routine infrastructure upgrades is just the start of any customer conversation – the real business lies in the applications, services and consultancy which sit on top of the fixed and mobile network links that bind them.

For the remainder of 2016, we expect to see the following:

- Fear of being caught out by cyberattacks combined with new data privacy legislation will drive extensive information security upgrades amongst public and private organisations, forcing suppliers to revamp product and service strategies to capitalise on opportunities.

- Performance and availability constraints within data centre infrastructure will put more pressure on companies hosting cloud services to adopt network virtualisation (SDN and NFV) as they bid to accelerate customer service provision and improve automation whilst cutting opex to optimise cloud profitability.

- Demand for fixed network bandwidth upgrades and additional wireless coverage amongst enterprises provides an opening for upselling of additional services and applications, particularly around security and BYOD.

- Increased integration of on- and off-premise virtual applications and services into hybrid clouds will need a foundation of strong management and orchestration platforms if suppliers are to protect their IS business from super scale public cloud providers.

- The exponential growth of IoT networks and connected devices is creating a wealth of potential opportunities, but suppliers will need to accept they are only one link in a long value chain, demonstrate their expertise and choose partnerships well if they are to establish a foothold.

These predictions are available in full to subscribers of our ever popular InfrastructureViews research stream: TechMarketView Predictions 2016: Networking, cloud security report.


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