Wednesday 27 April 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* The EU Referendum - In the balance

Now that the campaigning for the EU referendum at the end of June has started in earnest, we are more able to assess the quality, breadth and depth of the arguments for both sides of the debate. It is clear however that the decision will be made based on a multitude of different factors and that this important vote will be a close run thing.

The uncertainty surrounding the decision is already having an impact on the economy and a vote to Leave would result in the renegotiation of Britain’s trading agreements and its position in the world. Opinions vary markedly as to the impact of a “Brexit” on the economy and other issues such as migration in the longer term. 

In The EU Referendum – In the balance, we examine the facts and test the hyperbole of this crucial debate and present our expectations of the impact of the referendum and a decision to “Leave” on the UK market for Software and IT Services. The impact will probably be most severely felt in the Financial Services sector where investment decisions could be postponed and in the public sector where Central Government departments will be distracted by the repercussions of a Brexit decision. This would result in additional pressure on market growth, in many cases being likely to slow initiatives to modernise and embrace digital transformation.

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