Wednesday 01 June 2016

*NEW RESEARCH*: Digital Transitions, the Unit4 way

ImageA lot has happened at Unit4 over the past year, and particularly over the past couple of months. It held its first European Connect conference and a week later announced the surprise departure of CEO Jose Duarte who was instrumental is setting the company’s strategic direction, swiftly followed by the appointment to the CEO role of Stephan Sieber.

The direction is not changing under the new leadership. It includes structuring Unit4 to operate more effectively and with greater visibility on the international stage, and driving change in the way users interact with ERP systems including its ‘self-driving ERP’ approach, as it pursues the digital transformation agenda internally and with customers. It is also about the cloud journey. Unit4 is not alone in revitalising and taking ERP to the cloud so is operating in a challenging market but does have something different to offer.

The latest research from ESASViews, and part of our series on suppliers’ digital transitions,  takes stock of Unit4. Subscribers can download Digital Transitions, Supplier Progress: Unit4 here. For those of you who don’t have one, contact Deborah Seth for information on how to take out a subscription.

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