Wednesday 29 June 2016

NEW RESEARCH: IoT and analytics opportunities in health and care

Report coverOur eighth Public Sector Opportunities Bulletin is dedicated to opportunities in the health & social care markets. Fitting neatly with TechMarketView’s 2016 theme—Surfing the Waves of Disruption, all the pieces point to the potential for technology to disrupt the status quo.

Arguably the healthcare market is showing the biggest potential of all areas of the UK public sector SITS market when it comes to moving forward with its digital transformation. There are huge pressures on the NHS to reform; to react to increasing demands on the system as a result of a growing and aging population. The result is health organisations looking for an innovative way forward.

In this Opportunities Bulletin we highlight some early projects, pilots and test-beds, where we are starting to see the potential of digital technologies; those technologies range from the devices being used to monitor patients in real-time to the analytics tools being used to predict outcomes, enable early interventions and ultimately take pressure off the healthcare system. As we highlight throughout, it is early days, but the potential for further activity is clear, provided suppliers can offer a clear business case and short-term return on investment in these uncertain times. 

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