Tuesday 14 February 2017

*New Research* Finovate 2017

finTechMarketView is continuing its coverage of the Fintech scene with a review of events at Finovate Europe earlier this month. Although recent reports (from Innovate Finance) suggest that VC investment in UK Fintech has fallen by as much as a third over the past year, the attendance and demonstrations at Finovate last week showed that the sector as a whole is still in good health. Indeed, the level of global investment in Fintech was up over 10% in 2016. As we noted in our Predictions report earlier this year, we expect Fintech companies to play an important role in accelerating the rate of change for the established financial services players in the UK as well as for the sector generally. Finovate 2017 provided the ideal opportunity to see what is on the horizon.

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