Tuesday 28 February 2017

*NEW RESEARCH*: Enabling digital execution

logoConverting aims into action is the crunch test for strategic transformation. Any supplier with tools and approaches that make the digital journey easier is in a promising position as businesses ramp up their digital enablement plans to deliver on initiatives such as better customer experience.

The latest research from the Enterprise Software & Application Services (ESAS) stream examines the challenges around digital execution and the approach ActiveOps takes in helping organisations practice it. With its expertise in service operations production management, it is one of the suppliers aiming to help enterprises execute on digital change by addressing the impact on the operations side of business activity. While it has its challenges, the company has touchpoints in several areas: filling some of the gaps between major system components, a contribution to the data driven business agenda and hooks into automation/robotic process automation. That puts it into an interesting position as a provider with a direct route to market and also as a partner to business process and application services suppliers looking to improve their own operations and the quality of their services.

Eligible subscribers can download ‘ActiveOps: an enabler for digital transformation executionhere.

If you would like information about how to subscribe, please email Deborah Seth.

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