Wednesday 12 April 2017

*NEW RESEARCH*: Intelligent Applications - transformative impact

Intelligent Applications are a transformative adaptation of enterprise applications that promise high business impact. The changes affect application architecture and capabilities but they go beyond pure technical considerations. Intelligent Applications are breaking established norms around what applications do, how they operate and how users interact with them.

Breaking established norms calls for radical change by suppliers operating in the Enterprise Software & Application Services (ESAS) sector: mastering Intelligent Applications demands wholesale reassessment of technology capabilities, operational approaches and skills requirements. Those who can adapt have the opportunity to open up higher value revenue streams - and adaptation is necessary because Intelligent Application capabilities, be that service or software led, will rapidly become table stakes. The latest research from ESASViews examines the transformative impact of Intelligent Applications and sets the foundation for further analysis of the developments, ecosystem and opportunities.

Subscribers can click to download “Grasping the transformative impact of Intelligent Applications”. If you don’t have a TechMarketView subscription, contact Deborah Seth to find how to change that.

Posted by Angela Eager at '16:26' - Tagged: software   applications   AI   machinelearning