Monday 17 July 2017

**New Research** – The State of UK and European Fintech

FTV3A lot has been happening over the past six months in the rapidly expanding UK and European Fintech arena. The latest report in our series of FinTechViews reports (available to subscribers to FinancialServicesViews) sheds some new light upon important and topical questions, such as;

  • how is the industry shaping up for the key regulatory milestones for Open Banking early in 2018?
  • are challenger banks making headway?
  • how are the US and Chinese tech giants addressing the European market?
  • can we see yet how technology is going to transform commerce?
  • is AI (Artificial Intelligence) out-of-control?
  • does any of this actually make any difference to consumers and businesses?

The recent Money2020 conference in Copenhagen has given us some real insight into current trends and concerns and deepened our understanding of how Fintech can accelerate real change across the sector.  

We have also been able to identify some significant opportunities for Software and IT Services suppliers as they and their customers interact with this vital and dynamic market segment. Subscribers can download this new report, “The State of UK and European Fintech – A view from Money 2020”, here).

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