Monday 24 July 2017

** New Research ** IoT: Network Providers Push to Supplant IT Services Players

UK network infrastructure is a rare and prized asset that puts connectivity suppliers at the centre, but not necessarily the front, of the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) service chain.

IT services players cannot match those assets and must partner those same telcos, mobile network operators and network service providers to deliver their own IoT platforms whilst simultaneously competing with them to overlay management services and own the customer relationship.

Our report “IoT: Network Providers Push to Supplant IT Services Players” assesses UK network providers’ core capabilities, motivation and strategies for grabbing a larger slice of IoT revenue beyond device connectivity as they seek to expand their current M2M business into broader IoT service management.

Posted by Martin Courtney at '09:37' - Tagged: mobility   networkservices   telcoms   infrastructure   iot