Friday 15 June 2018

Great British ScaleUp: Pivotal iQ raises market intelligence

LogoLondon-based Great British ScaleUp Pivotal iQ is on a mission – to revolutionise how GBSmarket intelligence is received and applied by the ICT sector. Founded in 2015, this young company has developed what it believes to be the world’s most accurate, most granular and most dynamic view of this industry’s supply and procurement activities. Using big data principles and the latest technologies, Pivotal iQ tracks everyday some 2 billion data points relating to 600,000 companies and an IT spend of $3.25tn across 186 countries.

The self-service SaaS platform currently comprises three data tools; SpendView, InstalledView and ContractView. Together, they allow customers to better understand what organisations have spent on IT, what they’ve purchased, what has been outsourced and their budgets positions. Initially aimed at the vendor community, Pivotal iQ seeks to help its customers increase both new name win rates and wallet share within existing accounts through better planning and targeting. Later this year the company intends to launch additional data tools designed for the buyer community.

Market reaction has been very positive and Pivotal iQ has already secured a significant number of global vendors as clients. As the tech sector matures and with it the need for much greater marketing sophistication, so too will demand increase for reliable, current and actionable market insights. Pivotal iQ is strongly positioned to benefit from this global trend and the company believes that fivefold growth over the next few years is well within its grasp.

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