Tuesday 19 June 2018

Great British Scaleup: Eggplant

logoEstablished norms within software testing are falling away in the face of digital change, intelligent automation, multiplying devices, continuous software delivery and DevOps – and the acute awareness that customer experience (CX) is the arbiter of success or failure. Surviving in this market is challenging, scaling up more so. Software testing providers need to rethink their strategy. Eggplant is doing precisely that, which is one of the reasons it was selected for the Great British Scaleup programme.

As the management team headed by CEO John Bates explained, Eggplant’s strategy is to test the CX as well as thelogo code, to improve business outcomes. Developments around CX optimisation are active recognition of the difference between the technical metrics of code and business metrics like user satisfaction - and both need testing. That’s why Eggplant has broken its own and traditional software testing boundaries by converging testing, monitoring and continuous improvement in the pre and post production environment.

The Eggplant of today is different from the one of 12 months ago. Formerly Testplant, it rebranded, taking the name of its well-known product suite. It also acquired NCC Group’s Web Performance division in March 2018. With capabilities such as synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring and performance analysis, Web Performance will play a significant part in furthering Eggplant’s CX optimisation vision. Combine that with developments around intelligent testing automation and AI/machine learning-assisted test creation, and the company has the ingredients to scaleup.

Customer references such as a UK building society that achieved the same level of testing in one week with two people as was achieved with a 25-strong team in 4 months using another vendors’ product garner attention. As does Annual Contract Value growth of 45% and Total Contract Value growth of 60% in 2017. It has work to do to execute its vision, including addressing questions over whether a software testing provider can tackle CX, tighter market targeting and developing relationships with application services and business process services suppliers, but it has several scaleup routes to explore.

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