Monday 18 June 2018

Great British Scaleup: Insource

insourceInsource is a Great British Scaleup working to help healthcare providers better manage their data in a way that significantly reduces cost and turns data into a genuine asset.

GBSInsource was originally established some 25 years ago as a general IT services business.  Current CEO Steve Aitken has shifted the focus of the business firmly onto the healthcare sector where data management issues are prevalent and extremely costly.

The problem that Insource is seeking to solve is that healthcare providers and their hospitals typically run multiple systems (sometimes supporting up to 400 different systems) all from a combination of different providers and inhouse bespoke applications. These disconnected systems are unable to draw down consistent data creating the need for lots of manual work before the data becomes genuinely useful. 

In the UK this is an issue that every NHS Trust is grappling with and the costs associated with managing this can run as high as £5-6m per hospital per year equating to a £1bn+ market opportunity for Insource in Britain alone.

Insource’s solution is Health Data Enterprise - think ‘ERP for health data’, at its core is a sophisticated data preparation engine that automatically takes data from any system, processes it and presents it in a single unified form in order to feed a suite of integrated applications.

Deployable as a standard product across all NHS Trusts but then crucially configured locally to accommodate each individual Trust’s subtleties. It is made possible by an underlying technology which it calls ‘Data Academy’. This in itself is IP with real potential as the generic architectures are not industry-specific so could in turn be applied to any other vertical market where organisations are having to manually combine multiple disparate data sources to extract value.

Entirely self-funded to date with heavy investment made in getting the right technology in place Insource is ramping up sales and marketing activities to take full advantage and already has 20 referenceable clients in the UK of which 7 are using the full suite, including leading trusts such as Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

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