Wednesday 13 June 2018

Great British Scaleup: IMMJ Systems

IMMJ logoFounded in 2015, IMMJ Systems is younger than many of the companies that we meet through the Great British Scaleup Programme but no less ambitious. Founders Michael van de Weg, Max Smith and Jonathon Desmond have big ambitions in the UK healthcare Electronic Document Management (EDM) software market (and, in time, well beyond healthcare and the UK). 

At the moment, the UK healthcare market is their sweet spot and - although it’s early days - it appears the SME is not short of opportunities as the NHS in England strives to go paper-free, or at least paper-light, by 2023 (see our UK Public Sector SITS Market Trends and Forecasts report). 

GBSIMMJ System’s software, MediViewer, has been developed over many years predating 2015 when company was registered. Since then, the software has been deployed by Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man, under a partnership with System C Healthcare,and was recently chosen by Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust as their EDM solution too; also under a partnership with System C Healthcare. 

As NHS trusts become more active in procuring EDM solutions to digitise their legacy paper records, IMMJ’s pipeline is growing. Indeed, if all goes to plan the SME’s biggest challenge over the next few months could be scaling quickly enough to keep up with demand. Partnerships will help here though and we’re encouraged to see how well existing relationships with prime contractors such as System C appear to be working. Indeed, I’m sure we won’t be the only ones keeping a close eye on IMMJ Systems’ progress over the coming months as they look to scale up and stake their claim to a growing share of the NHS EDM market.

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