Wednesday 20 February 2019

WCIT Outstanding Tech Student Awards 2019

Today I attended the 103rd WCIT Business Lunch at Wax Chandlers Hall.

StudentThe occasion was to present the Outstanding Student Award for 2019. Alderman & Sheriff Vincent Keaveny gave the award to Rachel Lee Mekhtleva who got a 1st in Maths and Computer Sciences at Imperial. This is a young lady who is seriously going places! She was offered a job at Facebook but wants to do a PhD instead. All I can say is that Sheryl Sandberg better watch her job...

What was even more interesting was that the other 4 ‘runners up’ were all female. Yes, that’s right all 5 finalists in a tech related student competition were female. Rachel was asked why, despite this, the industry is still overwhelmingly male? She gave the most brilliant answer which EAchastised the current ambassadors of Computer science in schools for making computing look nerdish whereas it was full of creativity, design, understanding people’s needs etc. Things, she said, that tend to attract young people with a creative mindset, including more young girls.

Then our friend John O’Connell from ScaleUp Group presented the WCIT Master Lady Parmley with a cheque for £10,000 raised at last year’s Enterprise Awards Dinner.

A reminder that TechMarketView are sponsors again for this year’s ‘Oscars for Tech Entrepreneurs’ Dinner on 25th June 19 at the Dorcester. More details from Tina at TX2

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