Tuesday 26 February 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Lawtech Adoption

Last year The Law Society commissioned TechMarketView to undertake a major review of the UK’s lawtech market, looking at barriers and drivers to adoption, the maturity of the market by legal segment and the implications for the future of the law. Now that The Law Society has published the research, we can share the outputs with UKHotViews readers. 

lawtech researchLawtech has seen a huge amount of start-up activity in the UK in recent years with law firms under increasing pressure to embrace new technologies but it remains less mature than other fields of digital disruption (such as Fintech) where there is more funding and regulatory alignment. Significant barriers to adoption still remain and different segments of the legal market are at very different stages of maturity and focused on adopting different technologies. 

The research explores what types of lawtech providers are gaining most traction in different sectors of the profession and the drivers behind this, with a view to how adoption rates might impact the future shape of legal process and delivery.

For access to a copy of the full report or its two-page summary (which are both available to everyone) please follow this link to the relevant part of The Law Society website.

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