Friday 07 February 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Financial Services Supplier Prospects 2020

Whilst growth rates across SITS markets have fluctuated in recent years, the overarching trend within UK financial services has been upwards. Meanwhile the performance of the leading technology vendors serving the sector has varied markedly.

TechMarketView's new report Financial Services Supplier Prospects 2020 examines the varying fortunes of the Top 10FSV Supplier Prospects 2020 SITS providers in the UK financial services market and analyses their successes and challenges.

The report provides commentary on what each of these vendors needs to do in order to take full advantage of the market opportunity and explores some of the potential challenges that all vendors in the financial services technology sector will face, over the medium to longer term.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's FinancialServicesViews research stream can download Financial Services Supplier Prospects 2020 now.

If you do not currently have access to this research, please contact Deb Seth for further information about TechMarketView’s subscription services.

Posted by Jon C Davies at '07:00' - Tagged: insurance   banking   financialmarkets