Friday 21 February 2020

Navigate Digital Chaos with TechMarketView

TechMarketView’s research theme for 2020 is all about taming Digital Chaos. You can learn more about what this means for both buyers and suppliers in our brand new brochure, where you will also get insights from each of our Research Directors on our exciting research agenda for the year ahead.cover

TechMarketView is also very excited to announce a new research approach, called TechSectorViews, designed to help our clients succeed in the digital age. 

We have broken down the silos between our historic ‘horizontal’ research streams in Cloud & Infrastructure, Apps, Software/Emerging Tech, Business Processes, Cyber and Connectivity to create TechSectorViews. This stream of research is now available in addition to our core Foundation Service and alongside our in-depth coverage of key vertical markets in the PublicSectorViews and FinancialServicesViews streams. 

With TechSectorViews, we’re turning things on their head and from 2020 our exciting research agenda will be focused on the key themes (see here) we see driving market activity. Our expert team of Research Directors will be given the freedom to create ground-breaking research in key areas, enabling our corporate clients to understand, and plan for, success in the digital age. Expect to see even more collaboration between our analysts and a ‘joining of the dots’ across key market areas - such as platforms and customer experience. 

TechMarketView can help you to navigate change and spot opportunities across a broad spectrum of markets from cyber security to cloud transformation; and from the payments market to the police market.

For more information on the research agenda or any of our services, including our new 2020 subscription packages, drop us an email to

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