Tuesday 25 February 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Application Services Supplier Prospects 2020 and Beyond

2020 would seem set to be a good year for the Application Services (AS) market. The uncertainties surrounding the big Brexit question that dogged investment decisions during the last third of 2019 have been removed and customerCover spend on the “new” continues to expand quickly. Demand in the applications-centric Digital Solutions arena, for example, is set to increase by over 30% during this year. At an overall AS market level, however, growth remains muted. For the forecast period to 2022, we expect AS CAGR to reach just 2.7% on par with the overall SITS market. So why the disconnect?

We believe that the answers lie in this year’s 3 C’s; Chaos, Confidence and Cost. As enterprises race to digitally transform, anarchy has often been encouraged, resulting in unruly digital development far and wide across organisations. The impacts of investments have been dissipated. The practicalities and expense of both restoring order and driving successfully fundamental digital-enabled business change - including deep transformation of business processes, the elimination of organisational silos and cross-boundary data sharing – are becoming more fully appreciated.

This is the market context for Application Services Supplier Prospects 2020 and Beyond report which is now available to download (click here). Subscribers to TechMarketView's TechSectorViews can read the full analysis of the challenges facing the players in the AS arena over the coming year, what they need to do to be successful and the ways to win in the longer term. The document also includes profiles of the top 10 Application Services Suppliers to the UK market

If you are not yet a TechSectorViews subscriber, please contact Deb Seth to find out how you can access this research. 

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