Friday 11 September 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Operations Supplier Rankings 2020

Today, TechMarketView launches its UK Operations Supplier Rankings 2020 report, the definitive guide to the largest players in the Operations market. ops

The report brings together the analysis we have launched over the course of this week, namely: Infrastructure Operations Rankings 2020, Applications Operations Rankings 2020 and Business Process Operations Rankings 2020. Rather interestingly, each of these areas has a leading player that is quite significantly larger that the number two placed supplier.

In Infrastructure Operations Rankings 2020, we explore a changing supplier scene. For several years, the Top 3 positions have been the domain of established data centre and end user services players – namely DXC, Fujitsu and IBM. But as a reflection of the radical change in how services are being consumed in the market, AWS has grown to become the largest provider of Infrastructure Operations. Underscoring the structural changes that have taken place in the both the market and industry is Microsoft’s latest positioning in the ranking – based on the performance of its Azure business.

Our Applications Operations Rankings analysis explores a market and industry where one player takes a clear lead. Read the report to find out just who that supplier is and why it is on course to become a £1bn business in Applications Operations. Across the rest of the ranking, performances range from declines to double-digit growth. Who is getting it right, and which suppliers are having a more challenging time?

In our Business Process Operations analysis, we look at a group of players operating in an area that has been dominated by Capita for many years. Its revenue line is several times as large as the ranking players beneath it, however, the business declined significantly last year while various other players banked double digit growth.

UK Operations Supplier Rankings 2020 also looks beyond the numbers to explain some of the market trends that are impacting supplier performance, providing advice on how players – large and small – can tackle the challenges and thrive during these difficult and extraordinary times.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's TechSectorViews can download the report now. If you don’t have a subscription and would like to know more about how to access our services, please contact Deb Seth.

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