Monday 07 December 2020

TechMarketView’s 2021 Research Theme: Reset & Reimagine

Reset and ReimagineWe are racing towards the end of 2020. It was a year that TechMarketView predicted would be defined by ‘Digital Chaos’ (see here) – with suppliers called on by their clients to help them wade their way through digital complexities created over many years. Little did we know when setting the theme that 2020 would bring a different sort of chaos.

COVID-19 has wrought disruption across the globe. And, in the process, has created the need for investment in new digital solutions in answer to a range of requirements: remote working, setting up field hospitals, managing community support, speeding up vaccine research…. The list goes on. With many digital projects undertaken in incredibly short timescales, an additional layer of complexity has been created. But, also, a new perspective on the possibilities offered by technology.

As we head towards 2021, we are left contemplating how much of our daily lives have changed for good. And this has influenced our research theme. With many in the public and private sectors taking time to reflect, today, we can reveal that TechMarketView’s research theme for 2021 is: Reset & Reimagine. Inevitably, it reflects the need for technology companies and end user organisations alike to adapt their businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its immediate, as well as longer term, effects.

Organisations are faced with financial constraints and must reassess their priorities. They are being forced to reconsider their organisational resilience and their ability to respond to new challenges quickly. Digital transformation will be at the heart of many initiatives, particularly as relationships with employees, clients, and citizens morph to support a new modus operandi.

But ‘Reset & Reimagine’ has wider relevance. While the pandemic might be accelerating certain trends, many were already in train. As last year’s theme – Digital Chaos – highlighted, organisations had already been looking for ways to take their digital transformation initiatives to the next level. In some organisations, we have, over the last few months, witnessed an embarkation on ‘drains up’ re-evaluations of corporate strategies and business models. The aim has been to enable true transformation for greater impact; tinkering at the edges of ‘digital’ is no longer enough.

With the COVID-19 pandemic – and, indeed, Brexit – accelerating this need for change, we believe 2021 will be defined by super-charged ambitions. This will drive organisations to Reset and Reimagine, creating significant opportunities across the UK tech sector.

Now we have revealed our 2021 theme, over the next few days, TechMarketViews’ Research Directors will set out their predictions for the year ahead. The predictions will highlight how the ‘Reset & Reimagine’ theme will play out across the UK software & IT services (SITS) market. Tomorrow we launch our Top Ten Predictions for 2020: what will be the most significant trends to impact the market and suppliers? Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, our experts in Public Sector and Financial Services will set out their stalls. TechMarketViews’ subscribers will be able to download the Predictions in full once live (please contact Deb Seth to find out more).

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