Tuesday 08 December 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Reset & Reimagine: Top Ten Predictions for 2021

2020 was a year like no other many of us have experienced. While TechMarketView had predicted that it would be defined by Digital Chaos (see here), we of course had no idea that COVID-19 would bring such an intense and different sort of chaos. Out of that chaos and uncertainty came a desperate need for technology to keep day-to-day life afloat, but also to support the drive for coronavirus treatments and vaccines.  pred

Speed of execution became the name of the game, but something much more fundamental happened: a new perspective on the possibilities came to the fore. TechMarketView’s research theme for 2021, Reset & Reimagine, reflects this.

Organisations are faced with financial constraints and must reassess their priorities. They are being forced to reconsider their organisational resilience and their ability to respond to new challenges quickly. Digital transformation will be at the heart of many initiatives, particularly as relationships with employees, clients, and citizens morph to support a new modus operandi.

But Reset & Reimagine has wider relevance. While the pandemic might be accelerating certain trends, many were already in train. As last year’s theme – Digital Chaos – highlighted, organisations had already been looking for ways to take their digital transformation initiatives to the next level. The aim has been to enable true transformation for greater impact; tinkering at the edges of ‘digital’ will not suffice.

With the COVID-19 pandemic – and, indeed, Brexit – accelerating this need for change, we believe 2021 will be defined by super-charged ambitions. This will drive organisations to Reset and Reimagine, creating significant opportunities across the UK tech sector.

TechMarketView’s Top Ten Predictions for 2021:

1.     Digital chaos gets worse before it gets better

2.     Cloud will buttress our journey out of the pandemic

3.     Making the hybrid office a success requires much more than just great tech

4.     Remote workers under fire

5.     Mixed Reality becomes a reality as organisations radically reimagine working practices

6.     Tech firms who don’t take a “people first” approach will increasingly be shamed

7.     Customer experience gets the “soup to nuts” transformation it has always needed

8.     Convergence finally begins to become a reality

9.     Voice and Vision will accelerate development of the ‘natural UI’

10.  Expanding automation, Edge computing and IoT scales up security risk

TechMarketView clients can read the research note in full, here: Reset & Reimagine: Top Ten Predictions for 2021.

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