Monday 21 December 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Police Supplier and Market Analysis

Police ImagePublished today, TechMarketView’s UK Police Software and IT Services: Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts 2020-2023 report is the sixth and final deep-dive report providing TechMarketView’s UK public sector SITS subsector analysis from a market and supplier perspective.

The report follows similar reports on Central Government, Local Government, Defence, Education and Health. It accompanies the recently published UK Public Sector SITS Market Forecast Update, which revisits, and should be read in conjunction with, the analysis we published in September.  

Within UK Police Software and IT Services: Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts 2020-2023, you will find TechMarketView’s Top 10 Police SITS rankings for 2019. You will also find our analysis of suppliers that are 'On the Rise' and challenging for a Top 10 position. We also look at 'Ones to Watch'; suppliers that are worthy of mention due to some interesting moves and/or an increasingly significant footprint.

In 2019, half of the Top 10 police SITS suppliers achieved revenue growth, but there were some notable revenue declines. The pandemic brought additional pressures on policing but also resulted in significant investment in upgrading IT infrastructure and devices to support remote working, an expansion in video-enabled justice, and an acceleration of the National Enabling Programme.

In this report we forecast how the market will perform between now and 2023, and using our proprietary Digital Evolution Model (DEM), we also provide a view of the market by the ‘New’ (digital, platform, cloud and cybersecurity-led offerings) and ‘Heritage’ (offerings focused on traditional systems and processes).

PublicSectorViews’ subscribers can download the research today. If you are not yet a subscriber, or are unsure if your company has a subscription, please contact Deb Seth to find out how you can access the research.

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