Tuesday 19 October 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Enterprise Software Market Trends & Forecasts 2021

Report coverThe 2021 version of the UK Enterprise Software Market Trends & Forecasts report is now available to download. Containing our latest market size and forecast data, along with insight into market dynamics and the key trends shaping the market, plus analysis of the challenges facing suppliers and recommendations for how to move forward, it is vital reading for suppliers operating in the UK.

COVID demonstrated - and elevated - the value of software, while organisations also learned a lot about themselves, their markets, supply chains and customers, stretching their comfort bubbles in doing so. That knowledge has accelerated digital transformation but what has also emerged is the extent to which behaviour has adapted to use more of the capabilities provided by Enterprise Software. Necessity is motivating us to lean into software to maximise the use of its existing capabilities, which in turn is igniting the desire to explore how software can be further used to reset and reimagine business models. 

This attitudinal change means organisations are becoming more discerning about software, more exacting about its impact on business outcomes and less tolerant of applications - and suppliers - that might impose restraints on reset and reimagination initiatives. These changing attitudes may not make for the most comfortable of market conditions but combined with growing impetus around the sustainability agenda, they do point towards a resilient UK Enterprise Software sector as organisations explore hybrid experiences and working practices, new styles of interfaces, the ever-growing need for easily accessible insight from data and emerging areas such as the Internet of Behaviour.

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