Tuesday 02 November 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Insurance Sector SITS - Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts

The UK insurance sector is once again facing the effects of disruptive innovation, having previously experienced technology-driven change with the rise of the aggregators in the 1990's. Modern approaches to risk-pricing are facilitating cost-effective new business models in tandem with the pursuit of streamlined systems and processes as a renewed imperative for change has taken hold.

Insurance SITSInsurance Sector SITS - Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts examines the prevailing business and technology trends impacting the sector and provides an analysis of the key insurance segments.

The report also contains market forecasts and supplier rankings for the leading insurance SITS vendors that highlight the shifting balance of power as the technology needs of the sector evolves.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's FinancialServicesViews research stream can download this report now. If you are a SITS vendor or active in the insurance sector, this report provides essential insights into key market trends and the supplier landscape.

Posted by Jon C Davies at '16:40' - Tagged: insurance