Tuesday 16 November 2021

UKHotViewsExtra: Rimini Street – at an inflection point

Rimini Street logoRimini Street’s announcement of its expansion into support for open sources databases illustrates how the company is evolving, with an increasingly diversified proposition that has moved a long way from break-fix third party support for established products from Oracle and SAP portfolios. The underlying change is that the Rimini Street of today is geared towards IT optimisation rather than just addressing maintenance and the cost saving agenda. 

Its stance is that it is not just there for licenced/legacy applications but is able to support current and future applications too, with a role as a strategic partner to organisations navigating their own transformation journeys. Likewise, there is more to the proposition than simple cost saving; that remains part of the rationale but more overtly as a means to an end than an objective in itself. However, changing the perception that it is a company centred on legacy environments, whose services have often been used tactically, is non-trivial. 

UKHotViewsPremium logoThe company is at an inflection point in terms of scale, positioning and perception. Having made inroads in both public and private sectors, the UK is a major market for Rimini Street and one it is keen to grow. TechMarketView subscribers, including those signed up to UKHotViewsPremium, can explore its plans in HotViewsExtra “Rimini Street – at an inflection point”. If you are not yet a subscriber, please contact Deb Seth to find out how to access this and much more.

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