Sunday 14 November 2021

Don’t COP out! Tell us about YOUR sustainability solution!

Here’s a unique opportunity to get YOUR sustainability solution onto TechMarketView’s radar!

logologoTechMarketView is helping Edinburgh-based digital ledger technology platform supplier, SICCAR, find new partners looking to create trustworthy, ready-to-deploy enterprise-class sustainability solutions.

All you have to do to get on our radar is to register for a 30-minute online chat with SICCAR via the online registration form at by Friday 26th November.

We’d like to hear from:

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) developing new sustainability solutions or looking to upgrade existing solutions with a secure digital ledger technology platform.
  • Consultancies providing custom sustainability solutions to customers that require high-integrity data sharing across connected enterprises.
  • Systems integrators responsible for creating and integrating a digital ledger technology-based sustainability solutions into customer application ecosystems.

We will give a mention on UKHotViews in early December to all companies fitting the brief that register for a ‘Meet SICCAR’ session. What a chance to get your company’s name known in the marketplace!

There’s more detail on our website at including a downloadable flyer.

Please register by Friday 26th November to assure your online meeting slot and ‘shout’ on UKHotViews.

SICCAR is a blockchain-based data sharing platform that integrates seamlessly with existing applications and infrastructure. SICCAR gives enterprises full control over how data is shared and used across their business ecosystem by enabling them to extend rules on shared data to external organisations. SICCAR is trusted by the Scottish Government, Baillie Gifford, RSM International, Scottish Power, and many other private and public sector enterprises.

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