Thursday 10 February 2022

*UKHotViewsExtra* Adventures in the metaverse with DXC Technology

JonDaviesI enjoyed an interesting experience earlier this week, as I entered the metaverse to present at DXC Technology’s 2022 sales conference set in virtual reality (VR). The EMEA-wide event brought together around 1,000 members of DXC’s leadership and business development communities from across three continents, for a two-day programme of insights, collaboration, motivation and strategy.

In something of a pioneering step, the vendor decided to utilise VR to run the entire conference in its new "DXC Virtual World" an immersive environment designed to enhance workforce collaboration and add a stimulating 3D dimension to virtual meetings.

All conference attendees (including John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s) accessed the event remotely with their presence represented by an interactive avatar. My thirty-minute presentation was delivered by my own (much slimmer) avatar, standing at a virtual podium, in front of a packed virtual auditorium, which was in turn filled with the massed avatars of the other attendees. Behind me, three giant virtual screens allowed me to control my slide deck in real-time as the attendees listened to my live audio.

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Posted by Jon C Davies at '13:54'