Tuesday 06 September 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* Sustainability to the fore at TCS

July saw London play host to two consecutive rounds of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. For the uninitiated, or indeed, non-motorsports fans, think fully electric ‘Formula one-type cars’ racing around an indoor and outdoor track in London’s Docklands. It’s high-speed motor racing but without the emissions and the noise. As well as the inevitable interest in Formula E from motor sports, automotive and engineering companies, SITS companies are also getting involved. Initiatives like Formula E are all about pushing the boundaries of current technologies – not just around aerodynamics, battery life and charging speed but also the application of data and analytics in a highly competitive sporting environment. 

TCS SustainabilityFormula E showcases the very best of high-performance engineering in a low carbon environment and UK SITS market leader TCS has been the title sponsor of the Jaguar Formula E Racing Team, now branded Jaguar TCS Racing, since last November (see TCS announces Jaguar Formula E partnership). Whilst initiatives such as sports sponsorship are of course crucial in brand positioning and in raising awareness, TCS’s tie-up with Jaguar is much more than this, and is feeding the development of the SITS provider’s sustainability portfolio, something that is becoming an increasingly important and high-profile component of TCS’s growth plans. In particular, TCS is using its Formula E tie-up as an incubator and test bed for new technologies and services feeding its smart mobility and sustainable transport proposition. Think about what a “game changer” for mass adoption being able to charge your electric road car in under 5 minutes would be, or what a battery range in excess of 500 miles might do to current levels of “range anxiety”, and you can see why so much investment is being committed.

Recent conversations with several of the UK TCS team have revealed anecdotally that, sustainability has already become one of the top themes clients want to discuss regarding solutions development and improving their operations. Recent rises in energy pricing have only made the issue more pertinent. With sustainability driving an increasing proportion of TCS’s client and brand positioning activity, I caught up recently with Preeti Gandhi, Global Head of Sustainability Marketing at the firm, to understand how they are looking to grow sustainable business. 

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