Wednesday 22 March 2023

UK's "International Technology Superpower" roadmap launched

Government offices_Victoria StreetAnnouncements from the newly formed Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT) are coming thick and fast, with a clear focus on the UK becoming a “superpower” in the space.

DSIT was created at the beginning of February (see New department to lead on science, innovation and technology | TechMarketView). Less than a month later, the department launched its first piece of major work: the UK Science and Technology Framework (see DSIT launches UK Science and Technology Framework | TechMarketView). A few days later, the new post Brexit data reform bill was introduced (see New post-Brexit data reform bill introduced | TechMarketView). Then we had the publication of the Integrated Review Refresh, which, again, highlighted that science and technology were seen as vital to the UK’s future (Integrated Review Refresh 2023: An evolution (and some more money) | TechMarketView). This was backed up in the Budget a couple of days later, which saw the Government commit to all nine of the digital technology recommendations made by the Pro-Innovation Regulation of Technologies Review led by Sir Patrick Vallance.

There is certainly no chance of DSIT being accused of letting the grass grow under its feet. Today, alongside the Foreign Secretary, the department has launched its plan to make the UK an “international technology superpower” by 2030 in a new International Technology Strategy. Its aim strongly aligns to the Integrated Review Refresh by plotting a roadmap to ensure that the UK can make the best use of new technologies while countering malign influences on tech. Read more…

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