Thursday 17 August 2023

*UKHotViewsExtra* OneID looks to fill gap in UK digital infrastructure

OneIDUK startup OneID is looking to fill what it sees as a key gap in the UK’s digital infrastructure and make the world a safer place through its Digital identity service. According to OneID, we should be using banks as a means to verify our digital identity, sparing consumers (and businesses) from the laborious task of submitting and reviewing passports and other identity documents. TechMarketView recently caught up with the team at OneID to understand more about how the business is looking to change identity verification, and how its plans for growth are progressing.    

We first covered OneID in detail back in 2021, when the company was known as Digital Identity Net (See Digital Identity Moves Up the Agenda). The business has a lot of experience behind it including CEO Paula Sussex, who many of our readers will be familiar with as the previous CEO of the Student Loans Company. Paula became CEO in April 2023 (See Paula Sussex emerges as CEO of OneID). Paula and the team were keen to stress that a driving force behind the business is its social purpose, with a goal to make the world a safer place for everyone. OneID wants to enable people to prove who they are online easily and securely, and give people control over their data and privacy. If successful, this could significantly change how we verify our digital identity and the customer onboarding and purchasing process of many organisations.

In this UKHotViews extra article, we dive deeper into the potential for using banks as online identity verification, as well as exploring the OneID platform in more detail and potential competitors.

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