Wednesday 22 November 2023

*UKHotViewsExtra* NHS Federated Data Platform winners announced

NHSE logoAfter months of speculation, NHS England has announced it has awarded the NHS Federated Data Platform & Associated Services (FDP-AS) contract to a group led by Palantir Technologies. The US-headquartered data software business will be supported by Accenture, PwC, NECS and Carnall Farrar in delivering the contract, which is worth £330m over its 7-year term. In the first contract year, investment is expected to be at least £25.6m.

It has also been announced that IQVIA has secured the NHS Privacy Enhancing Technology (NHS-PET) contract. NHS-PET will initially be deployed as part of the Federated Data Platform (FDP) programme.

The FDP has been described by NHSE as an essential enabler to transformational improvements across the NHS. It will replace the COVID-19 Data Store and NHS National Data Platform that was introduced during the pandemic but extend its functionality to a broader range of capabilities. NHSE expects it to deliver better joined-up care, help tackle waiting lists and reduce hospital discharge delays. Every hospital trust and Integrated Care System (ICS) will have their own platform, but they are able to connect and share information between them where this is helpful. 

By joining up real time data currently siloed in separate systems, covering areas such as the number of hospital beds, the size of elective waiting lists, staff rosters, medical supply availability and social care places, NHSE hopes the FDP will help the health service tackle some of its biggest challenges. It will initially be focused on supporting the five key NHS priorities: 1) elective recovery; 2) care coordination; 3) vaccination and immunisation; 4) population health management; and 5) supply chain management.

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