Friday 16 September 2016

Atos applies ‘100 Minds’ to innovation Centres

LogoA recent session with Atos provided a glimpse into how its innovation operations are developing. For Atos they have a practical base. Rather than promoting blue sky thinking, its Business Technology & Innovation Centres (BTIC) blend a consulting approach with SI capabilities to ensure blue sky thoughts come back down to earth and generate projects that create tangible and rapid results for clients (e.g. from conversation to a tool in days/weeks) - and revenue for Atos.

Given the proliferation of innovation labs across the supplier landscape and their importance in building digital credibility and supplier differentiation, the ‘how’ of their operation is all important. In the HotViewsExtra analysis “Atos applies ‘100 Minds’ to Innovation Centre- Extended Version” which can be accessed here, we look at the Atos approach to its BTICs and the role of crowdsourcing via its ‘100 Minds’ approach.

Posted by Angela Eager at '09:31' - Tagged: applications   innovation   digital