Friday 09 September 2016

TechMarketView's Presentation and Dinner last night

There is a much used term in surfing – “You should have been here yesterday’. That most certainly applies to those who didn’t manage to attend TechMarketView’s annual presentation and dinner last night entitled ‘Surfing the Waves of Disruption’

It was a sell out – again – and the feedback has been universally positive. A Big Thankyou to all the TechMarketView team – in particular those on stage – for a great evening. Also to the two Tinas at tx2 for their flawless event management and our Silver Sponsor – Wells Fargo – and Gold Sponsor – Netsuite. (BTW – If you would like to sponsor next year’s show, please let us know soonest as we have already had several serious expressions of interest)

And, of course, to all the attendees last night for their support. What struck me the most was the fantastic ‘buzz’ at the drinks reception and dinner. Indeed difficult to get people to leave! TechMarketView really values its relationships and last night it was shown to be reciprocated by our customers.

Finally, we will be sending out copies of the slides to all attendees next week.

Posted by Richard Holway at '08:40'