Monday 19 September 2016


We are extremely proud to announce that the next Little British Battler logoTechMarketView Little British Battler event will see the one-hundredth company be widely recognised as a UK tech SME punching above its weight in local and international markets.

Since we launched the programme back in January 2012, many Little British Battlers have gone to greater things, both independently – some with new sources of external finance – and others as part of larger tech businesses. We like to think that the Little British Battler ‘brand’ helped them along the way.

We’ll be holding our ninth Little British Battler Day (LBB9) in London on Tuesday 15th November 2016.

TechMarketView’s theme for 2016 is ‘Surfing the Waves of Disruption’ – and there is no better time for SMEs to disrupt the market. We want to meet the disruptors!

Founders, CEOs and board executives from twelve outstanding, disruptive companies will be selected to participate. They will share their aspirations, ambitions and challenges in closed session with TechMarketView research directors and senior partners from our sponsors, MXC Capital, London’s technology merchant bank.

In return they will get invaluable opinion and advice on their business plans and extensive coverage in TechMarketView UKHotViews, the leading daily source of opinion and comment on the UK tech scene. UKHotViews reaches tens of thousands of senior executives and professionals in the tech industry, government, enterprise, investment community and the media. Coverage in UKHotViews has brought many exciting, little-known UK tech SMEs to the attention of the market.

LBB9 is open to independent, privately held, UK-owned tech companies with established clients and annualised revenues under £20m. Publicly quoted companies and subsidiaries of private or public companies are ineligible.

To register your application for LBB9, please complete the web-based Pre-Qualification Form by clicking here. There is no charge to apply or to participate.

Applications must be submitted by Friday 7th October.

We will advise whether or not you have been selected to participate by 28th October. If you were unsuccessful last time and believe your company is a ‘disruptor’, then please feel free to apply again.

Contact our LBB coordinator for further information.

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