Friday 30 September 2016

*New Research* Public Sector Opportunities Bulletin

Maknig Tax Digital Our ninth UK Public Sector Opportunities Bulletin leads with an analysis of potential opportunities related to HMRC’ Making Tax Digital programme. Our analysis coincides with the HMRC’s launch of six consultations, the results of which will shape the initiative. In the bulletin, we consider the challenges that the programme might face; we do this my comparing and contrasting the issues faced by the other large digital transformation programme in UK Government: Universal Credit. At the beginning of September, the Institute for Government (IfG) published a fascinating review of the Universal Credit programme, highlighting various hurdles, some of which have been overcome, some of which continue to hamper progress. Our analysis concludes that ‘Making Digital Tax’ starts with a better foundation. But, won’t there always be some challenges that are inherent in the sector, due to the nature of Government and politics?

Sunderland CouncilOur second article may come as a surprise, focusing on a scrapped procurement. We switch our attentions to local government, where local authorities are increasingly accepting that radical transformation is the only way they will get through the next few stormy years. Yet, Sunderland Council has failed to find a transformational partner that can meet its demands. It appears the opportunities are there for grabbing, but suppliers aren’t evolving sufficiently, in terms of their propositions, partnerships and commercial innovations, to convince some local authorities of their suitability. What more can they do?

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