Wednesday 28 September 2016

Lumeon: Lighting the way in healthcare automation

Lumeon logoBusiness process automation (BPA) is now a well-recognised disruptor in the software & IT services market, but have you heard of Care Pathway Automation (CPA)? It has the potential to radically improve the way that healthcare is delivered, cutting costs and improving service.

UK digital health SME Lumeon is on a mission to define a market for CPA in the UK and internationally with its innovative Care Pathway Management platform. We recently met up with the management team to learn more about the company, which was founded by Robbie Hughes ten years ago, and CPA.

PublicSectorViews subscription clients can read our analysis in the latest AnalystViews report published today – Lumeon: Lighting the way in healthcare automation.

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Posted by Tola Sargeant at '12:24' - Tagged: software   health   automation