Friday 01 December 2017

*NEW RESEARCH*: Enabling digital: services shift execution & intelligent PSA

imageThere’s no shortage of discussion around the ‘why’ of digital enablement but given the limited revenue suppliers are generating from all things digital there is definitely a question about the ‘how’. At TechMarketView we hear time and again that one of the inhibitors of digital change is converting digital strategy into digital execution.

The latest report from the ESASViews research stream, ‘Enabling digital: services shift execution and intelligent PSA’ examines the role of professional services automation in the 'how' of digital change. If you are a subscriber you can download the report here; if not Deborah Seth will happily provide you with subscription details.

Why is PSA software important? As more and more companies pivot towards services provision to improve customer engagement and open up growth potential via new business models as part of their digital change plans, they need the tools to help run those services-oriented operations. This means the addressable market for PSA is expanding beyond pure services organisations like technology and management consultancies, embracing the growing number of ‘services second’ companies. And as automation ought to go hand in hand with intelligence, PSA software is starting to embed machine intelligence capabilities, providing tangible business uses for these techniques.

The report provides insight into the high growth, expanding PSA market, how some of the notable PSA providers - Kimble ApplicationsUnit4FinancialForceNetSuite – are tackling it alongside dark horses like Atlassian, and how PSA has a role in delivering services-oriened digital change.

Posted by Angela Eager at '13:15' - Tagged: software   digital   machinelearning