Tuesday 12 December 2017


logoWe are delighted to announce the third TechMarketView Great British Scaleup Event will be held in London on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th March 2018.

The Great British Scaleup programme is already helping UK tech SMEs achieve a step-change in growth, through a closed-door, 90-minute workshop session with TechMarketView analysts and executive advisors from ScaleUp Group, the team of successful tech entrepreneurs that have been responsible for accelerating growth and achieving over £4b in successful exits at many well-known tech companies.

logoThe workshop will assess your company’s potential and scalability using the ScaleUp Growth Index®, a proprietary scorecard which identifies areas of your business that might be an inhibitor to achieving extraordinary growth. Unlike traditional company scorecards which measure past financial performance, the ScaleUp Growth Index® assesses your company’s future scale-up potential. The ScaleUp Growth Index® gets you better prepared to undertake the next stage of your scale-up journey. You can use the Index to compare yourself with peers and track your progress as you implement your plans.

logoIn addition, every applicant will be entitled to an optional initial infrastructure assessment at no charge and with no obligation by managed cloud and infrastructure services firm Cogeco Peer 1, the Enterprise Cloud & Infrastructure Services Technology Partner for the Great British Scaleup programme.

There are 4 workshop slots available on each day. To nominate yourself or a company you know, just fill in the Nomination Form on the TechMarketView website here by Wednesday 31st January 2018. There is no charge to participate, nor any obligation to follow through on the outcomes.

If you have any queries about the Great British Scaleup programme, please drop an email to

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