Friday 26 April 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Digital Enablement via Low Code Platforms: position and prospects

If 2019 and beyond is to be the period of digital activism it ought to be, suppliers and end user organisations need to top up their technology toolkits with the practical enablers and accelerators of transformation. At TechMarketView we believe the low code platform is one of the necessary transformation tools.image

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For all the positives that stem from this declarative, model driven approach to application development – which include the ability to deal with continuous change, cope with filled-to-bursting software and process development pipelines, enablement of core system modernisation and addressing skills shortages – the PaaS low code movement also represents a threat to application services providers. As low code-using end user organisations are able to do more in terms of self-service development, to shorter timescales and with lower costs, they are using their knowledge to pressure suppliers into upping their game. Suppliers need to build low code capabilities for their own sakes as well as on behalf of clients.

Low code platforms are perceived as only being suitable for lightweight, mobile and web applications. While they aren’t the solution for every development task and should only form part of a broader development toolkit, they  can tackle sophisticated business critical application rand process requirements. 

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