Tuesday 30 April 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Digital Employee Experience and The Future of Work

EXThe last decade has seen the increasing automation of white-collar activities with robotics and intelligent automation moving firmly into the corporate mainstream. The initial reaction from some in the media has been to focus on the negatives with predictions of a jobless future and automated dystopia. Whilst there’s no doubt that an increasing amount of activity (particularly routine repetitive work) will be automated, it is by no means all ‘doom and gloom’ for the workforce, as offsetting these changes will be huge potential benefits.

Organisations and their employees will work to reconfigure and redesign the workplace leading to employees learning new skills, and in many cases creating more stimulating and higher value roles. Central to this is the belief that if done well, the fusing of digital and human labour provides an opportunity to improve the Employee Experience (EX). 

Some of the questions this report looks to answer include:

•              What will the future workforce look like?

•              How can we best integrate human and digital labour? 

•              How will we attract, grow and retain employees in this environment?

•              What changes might be needed to operating models to remain both relevant and competitive?

Read the report here: "Digital Employee Experience and The Future of Work".

For subscription enquiries, please contact Deb Seth.

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