Tuesday 30 April 2019

LBB ‘CentraStage’ continues to prosper at Datto

CentraStage logo

Regular UKHotViews readers will know that at TechMarketView we follow the fortunes of SMEs in the UK tech sector keenly, particularly those that have been through one of our SME programmes – whether they were Little British BattlersGreat British Scaleups or most recently TechMarketView Innovation Partners. However, it is not often that we have the opportunity to track the success of an SME’s founding team from start-up through being successfully acquired by not one, but two much larger organisations. 

Datto logo

But that is exactly what we have been able to do with device monitoring and management technology provider, CentraStage, which was one of our first cohort of ‘Little British Battlers’ in 2012. Unusually, the CentraStage team including founders Christian Nagele and Ian van Reenen, stayed with the business through both acquisitions and have been instrumental in the continued growth of the ‘CentraStage’ solution as part of first Autotask and now Datto. CentraStage’s product, now known as Datto RMM (for remote monitoring and management), now occupies a prime position in the Datto portfolio, and with over 4,000 IT service provider customers globally revenues have grown 30x from pre-acquisition levels. This impressive growth has reportedly led Vista Private Equity to consider CentraStage as one of its most successful ‘bolt-on’ acquisitions ever.  More…

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