Tuesday 03 March 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Frictionless Fabric: Architecting the ultimate digital entity

Today we introduce Frictionless Fabric, the TechMarketView model for the ultimate digital entity. 

imageFrictionless Fabric is your guide to how software and services are realigning and combining for the digital age. Significantly, it identifies the themes and approaches end user organisations and suppliers should be prioritising and investing in as they architect the ultimate digital entity. 

Download the report here: Frictionless Fabric: Architecting the ultimate digital entity.

As the digital shift intensifies, organisations need to evolve into the types of operations spoilt-for-choice customers want to engage with and citizens look to willingly interact with. Minimising points of friction to achieve this is one of the new rules of engagement. But when we looked at how technology and services were traditionally provided, against the needs of organisations undergoing digital transformation, we saw a mismatch. Traditional, often siloed, service line and technology provision were out of alignment with the requirements of intricately woven digital environments. 

Success requires clear sight of organisations’ most critical business outcomes and of the capabilities and connections able to deliver them, alongside the right focus on the right investment areas. Considering how existing tech investments operate alongside emerging technology, and the new business model and commercial approaches required to understand, plan and function in the digital age, is what Frictionless Fabric is about.

It is also the base for our new TechSectorViews research approach, which runs alongside our PublicSectorViews and FinancialServicesViews research streams, and is designed to help our clients succeed in the digital age.

TechMarketView clients should download the thought provoking Frictionless Fabric: Architecting the ultimate digital entity slide deck. If you'd like to hear more, or don’t have a subscription to our services and would like details, please email Deb Seth

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