Friday 13 March 2020

TechMarketView and Coronavirus

I am sure you are all fully aware of the statement made by the Prime Minister yesterday as the UK moves into the ‘Delay Phase’ of the Coronavirus pandemic. I am also aware of the actions that many of our clients have taken to safeguard their staff and businesses in these troubling times.

TechMarketView is better positioned than many in that home/remote working has been the norm since we started in 2009. However, we have moved further by banning all internal f2f meetings as we did not want just one TMV person infecting the whole team. We have also put a stop to f2f meetings with clients and others, attendance at conferences and presentations and unnecessary travel.

We already use remote conferencing extensively - mainly via Microsoft Teams. All internal meetings will still go ahead - but virtually. Same applies to client and other meetings. Our analysts will continue to be very pleased to meet you - but virtually not f2f.

TechMarketView will continue to function as close to normal as possible. Providing the same highly valued and influential service to our clients and the wider tech sector. A service even more essential in these troubled times.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with any of our directors, analysts or client services people. Contact details for all TMV people can be found HERE.

Posted by Richard Holway at '08:22'