Wednesday 18 March 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Future Growth in RPA

Our new research (download here) looks at where the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is today, what adoption of automation looks like in practice, and what is likely to drive the next wave of growth within the market. It concludes with a range of recommendations for both software vendors and service providers.

RPAThere has been a sense in the SITS market for some time, that RPA has lost its way as a technology. RPA vendors have focused on the more eye catching, “sexier” aspects of the what automation technologies can deliver, such as AI driven RPA platforms and human/robot blended workforces, often promoted to help justify lofty valuations. Whilst there is, of course, nothing wrong with looking to the future, the focus on the technologies themselves has led to a neglect of how they might add value to client organisations. The result has been market hype running well ahead of reality which has led to both disappointment and frustration within client organisations.

In our 2020 predictions we have suggested that this is the year that RPA must get “back to basics” -  scaling what is working and delivering client value, industrialising those areas that are delivering genuine business outcomes for clients. In this report (download here) we will have a look at how far the market has come in the UK, reflect on where it is working well and then identify the best route to future growth.

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